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Screen Films

(Code: AD-XA11851)
£ 486.77
Autotype Alpha Star Film
The exceptionally high resolution of Alphastar makes it perfect for short run, very high quality screen printing such as ceramic decals or prototyping.
(Code: XA11879)
£ 435.60
Autotype Capillex 18 Film 122 x 25M
The wide processing latitude of Capillex 18 makes this product ideal for fine line and halftone printing with solvent based or conventional UV inks.
(Code: XA11886)
£ 370.37
Autotype Capillex 20 Film 104 x 25M Roll
Capillex 20 consists of a blue/green presensitised polymer coating on a 75µ polyester base. The high print quality and excellent durability of Capillex 20 makes it perfect for fine line printing. Capillex 20 is designed primarily for use on medium fine mesh counts from 100 -140/cm. Capillex 20 is especially suited for use on 120/cm mesh, the most commonly used mesh for fine line printing.
(Code: XA11900XA11900)
£ 405.48
Autotype Capillex 25 Film
Capillex 25 is a precision coated, presensitised capillary photostencil film, which adhere to the mesh with water prior to exposure. Capillex 25 is the perfect choice for many quality screen printing applications that use medium/fine mesh (80-120/cm). Capillex 25 is especially suited for use on 120/cm mesh where excellent print quality is required. The excellent solvent resistance and durability makes Capillex 25 one of the most popular capillary films in the world.
(Code: XA18506)
£ 511.78
Autotype Capillex 50 Film 104 x 25m Roll
Capillex 50 is a green/blue presensitiesd photopolymer based capillary film for use on medium/course mesh counts (40 -80cm). Capillex 50 is the quickest way to produce high quality stencils on coarse mesh counts. The solvent resistant stencils are extremely tough making them perfect for many demanding industrial applications.
(Code: AD-XA16973)
£ 217.80
Autotype Capillex CP Film
Capillex CP is a green capillary photostencil film specifically formulated for ultra-fine halftone and line printing. Capillex CP will give a controlled stencil profile over a wide mesh range from 120/cm and finer. The low stencil profile and optimised Rz of Capillex CP gives superb dot reproduction and minimizes skipping effects often seen when printing fine halftones with UV ink.
(Code: AD-XA18522)
£ 493.98
Autotype Capillex CX Film
Capillex CX is a green capillary stencil film that addresses the edge-fault problems encountered in many industrial screen printing applications that use coarser mesh counts and require controlled and relatively thick ink deposits.
(Code: AD-FSA01)
£ 273.80
Autotype FiveStar Film
Five Star is a red, medium/high resolving indirect stencil film that is perfect for short run, high quality screen printing. The flagship product in the indirect film range, Five Star is recognized world-wide as the name synonymous with consistent quality.
(Code: AD-XA18794)
£ 99.82
Autotype RubyPlus Film