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MattPlast Vermilion From FUJFILM Sericol

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MattPlast Vermilion From FUJFILM SericolMattPlast MG is a highly opaque ink with exceptionally low odour and excellent printability, designed for use on PVC and other plastics.


Certain plastics may be impregnated with lubricants which, like plasticiser migration, may impair adhesion and block resistance even a considerable period after printing. This can be overcome by wiping the surface with White Spirit before printing. Surface adhesive left from protective papers on rigid PVC and acrylic sheets should be thoroughly removed in line with supplier’s instructions.

Certain plastics can become brittle when printed, possibly to the point of shattering, often only after several weeks. It is therefore essential to check compatibility between ink and plastic to guard against this problem.

Double-sided Stickers

MattPlast MG inks may be used to produce doublesided stickers. Prior to such use please consult your Fujifilm supplier. Owing to the complex nature of this type of work printers must satisfy themselves, before starting a production run, that their substrate and production method are compatible with the ink. MG500 Obliterating Grey is recommended as the barrier coat between the first and the second side.

High Frequency Welding

MattPlast MG metallics and MG009 Dense Black are not suitable for High Frequency (HF) Welding. The other colours may be used for HF Welding. However, owing to variations in the process, it is essential that suitability of ink and substrate for welding is tested prior to use, particularly if MG001 Black is used.

Outdoor Use – MattPlast MG Line Colours

Accelerated weathering tests have been carried out on prints produced using MattPlast MG inks in a Marr Weatherometer on the BS 3900 F3 Cycle. Under these conditions, with the exception of MG164 Seritone Red (BS) and MG190 Deep Orange/Seritone Orange, inks withstood 2000 hours (comparable to approx. 24 months outdoor exposure in the UK or similar climate) of testing before significant colour deterioration was evident.