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Autotype Plus 9000 Emulsion 1Ltr

(Code: XA15862)
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Autotype Plus 9000 Emulsion 1Ltr

PLUS 9000 is a red pigmented, SBQ-based photopolymer screen printing emulsion. It has been formulated specifically for the production of photostencils used for screen printing garments. PLUS 9000 is a very high solids, fast exposing emulsion and is intended for use with garment printing inks that do not contain water.

Features & Benefits

  • SBQ one pot garment emulsion, 47% solids for high build and fast drying, resistant to Plastisol inks only, fast exposure and wide latitude, quick washout, excellent print quality, easily decoatable.
  • Is a pre-sensitized photopolymer emulsion which requires no mixing and can be used straight out of the container.
  • PLUS 9000 can also be multi-coated to produce ultra thick stencils (up to 300μm) for high build printing and 3D inks.
  • Very fast coating, drying and exposure, ideal for the busy print shop. Excellent print quality for an emulsion. Fast decoating with minimal tendency to 'lock-in'.
  • Compatible with all exposure systems including LED.


PLUS 9000 is designed for printing any garments that use the following inks:

  • Plastisols that do not contain water.
  • Puff and other expanding inks that do not contain water.

NOTE: For very rigorous garment printing applications such as belt printing, water-based ink printing, or with discharge inks, we recommend the use of PLUS 6000 textile emulsion.