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Autotype Capillex 50 Film 104 x 25m Roll

(Code: XA18506)
£ 511.78
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Autotype Capillex 50 Film 104 x 25m Roll

Capillex 50 is a green/blue presensitiesd photopolymer based capillary film for use on medium/course mesh counts (40 -80cm). Capillex 50 is the quickest way to produce high quality stencils on coarse mesh counts. The solvent resistant stencils are extremely tough making them perfect for many demanding industrial applications.

Features & Benefits

  • Multi-coating a direct liquid emulsion takes significantly longer than the simple application of Capillex 50
  • Very fast stencil production
  • Good print definition
  • Very tough
  • Decoatable


  • Garment decorating, including puff and other expanding inks
  • Halftones below 55 Ipi
  • Peelable masks
  • Printed Circuit Boards
  • Applications requiring a high stencil profile (EOM)